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21st April 2021 

On the first session I would talk to you about what reflexology is, what is involved and what to expect during the treatment. I would then take a medical and lifestyle history which is entirely confidential, so that I am aware if there are some reflex points that may need particular attention or that may be more sensitive. Next, I would make an assessment of your feet, looking for any hard skin areas, injuries or any problems before making you comfortable in the couch or chair.

The treatment begins with some soothing foot massage to loosen and relax your feet and lower leg, using some soft foot balm or wax. Then I gradually work through the reflex points of your foot which relate to the systems, organs and parts of the body noting any sensitive areas. I begin with your right foot first and then proceed to your left foot.

The treatment is completed with relaxing foot massage movements by which time I hope you will feel calm and relaxed. I will then give you some water, important for flushing out any toxins and give you any appropriate after care advice.

A reflexology session usually takes an hour from beginning to end. The first session may take slightly longer in order to gather your medical and lifestyle information.